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Exploring DB Transfers

We've been supporting the industry in pension transfers since 2008. Today DB transfers pose challenges across the entire transfer process and we have been working with the industry to explore these challenges from end-to-end. 

It is now time to shine a light on the trust-based occupational pension transfer process. What works, what doesn't and how can it be better supported to improve member outcomes. 

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“As transfers are multi-step, managing member expectations will be key.”
Research Participant, Origo's DB Transfers White Paper
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Our services

Building Pensions Dashboards

The Pensions Dashboard Project is going to change our industry – pushing the boundaries of systems and data– and we are at the heart of it. 

Options Transfers

Faster, secure pension transfers

Our Options Transfers service reduces the time it takes to transfer pensions from months to days. Paper work – eliminated. Timescales – slashed. Members – protected. 

Origo Standards

Our Standards keep you moving

Our open data Standards are making disparate systems a thing of the past – and they’re enabling the blood flow of data across our industry.  Build once, use often. 

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