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With today’s technology getting connected is usually no problem - Bluetooth, Wifi, 4G and some. As individuals we’re spoilt for choice about the way we connect, how we connect, who we connect with and how much we share through those connections. That connectivity is powerful and it enables us to not only receive more valuable information but it also helps us to reach further and delve deeper in to information than ever before. So as an individual it’s taken care of, sorted – but as a business connecting to another business it’s a little different.

Integration Hub scattered

First off, you’ve probably got a list of business partners that you’d move heaven and earth to get a little closer to. Then you’re probably aware that you’re on someone else’s ‘heaven and earth’ list and that you know you will have to link to at some stage – when resources allow. Regardless, getting any of those connections set up can be cumbersome and lengthy and, to ensure risks are managed correctly and expectations are met, often the set up can be time consuming which in turn makes it a costly, resource heavy exercise. That initial set up can lead to large scale projects with months of work – just to get set up in the first place. And, here’s the kicker, technology moves so quickly - what happens when you’ve set up those connections, but they need updated? That integration needs to be pulled apart and stuck back together again in a new way with new additions in tow. This kind of work is happening all the time. Companies are layering their integration projects with numerous parties and numerous updates constantly. But does it have to be this way? Does connectivity have to be cumbersome? We don’t believe it does.

To solve this, we have created one, single, central hub which enables you to plug in once and that’s it. No tangled wires, no fussy version controls - just one simple plugin enabling you to connect to your trading partners regardless of which versions of messaging standards they have in place. Meet Origo's Integration Hub. We nearly called it the party hub – get it?! The hub for multiple parties... I know what you’re thinking, a joke is always funnier if someone explains it. But it really is good news, almost party worthy.

Our Integration Hub is the one integration point you need. It helps you to prevent bespoke costly integrations from taking over. It keeps things simple, enables you to reduce costs all while using approved, governed, open industry standards without any additional effort on your part. Genuinely that simple. So, what are you waiting for?! Get connected.

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