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Getting to the point-to-point

While point-to-point (or bespoke) integrations play a continuously key role today they might not always provide the most sustainable, flexible or cost-effective solutions to organisations – on either side.  
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Thinking of the future and the possible advent of Pensions Dashboards; with consumers’ expectations shifting, can organisations afford to continue to set-up and maintain each and every connection? In today’s society, speed and flexibility is everything. We have to be responsive and connect quicker than ever before. Taking months to set-up connections, though sometimes necessary, isn’t always going to be the most cost effective or efficient method of demonstrating value or commitment to a customer who just wants things done.  

In our changing world, the ability to quickly set-up new links that enables greater and secure data access for advisers and their clients, at the click of a button, is what makes the difference between an ok service and a great one. 

“We (Standard Life) are involved in the pension dashboard…which is an example of us having to share our data with the consumer. And I think this sort of model will just increase…” 

Ross Dunlop, Standard Life

Inherent efficiency, not complexity

‘Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.’ Who hasn’t heard that phrase at one time or another? And it’s just as true for organisations as well as individuals.  At Origo, we strive to ensure that common, dependent industry processes are efficient and cost-effective, ultimately helping to improve outcomes for consumers.

Our Integration Hub is another development which cuts out the complexity and makes the whole operation of data exchange more efficient. Picture this; you have access to your regular trading partners plus extended reach to new partners but only one link. One set of legals, one connection to maintain, one cost, one project. And when a new organisation joins the Hub, i.e. software supplier or platform, your market reach is extended. No new contracts. No additional costs. Just one simple link helping to make your proposition stronger and enabling you to save resources while building on your market connections.

“…helping the market to connect to each other much more simply and at a lower cost and more quickly.”

Michael Roe, Origo

Don’t just take our word for it - Listen to our customers >

Of course we would say good things about the Integration Hub, but it’s not just us who think so; check out Standard Life, Time4Advice and LV= and what they have to say about it >

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