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Improving pension and investment transfers and re-registrations consultation paper: Origo Statement

Origo welcomes the publication of the Improving Pension and Investment Re-registrations consultation paper which looks to set a benchmark service standard against which all providers and scheme administrators may be measured.
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As the industry’s not-for-profit fintech company dedicated to improving operating efficiencies, Origo, in collaboration with industry stakeholders and over 90 financial brands, works to significantly reduce pension transfer and re-registration times to the benefit of the end consumer.

We agree that through automation, sound Standards and the facility to enable systems to integrate with a transfer solution, the industry can further reduce transfer times for consumers.

Likewise, we welcome the focus on the regular publication of Management Information of the full end-to-end customer transfer experience. Origo, in its 8 years of experience in delivering such MI for its Options Transfers community, is fully aware that this is an absolutely key element in driving "better behaviour" among industry participants as well as improved outcomes for consumers.

The reference within the paper to Origo's industry-beneficial management information and average 8 day pensions cash transfer time is noted.

Origo will be submitting a detailed response to the paper for the 31 January 2017 deadline.

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