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#OrigoConnect – What’s the connection?

Why did we ask you to play a game - a game focused on connections and connecting? You don’t have time for games, you’re busy – you’ve got meetings to go to, phone calls to make and a lot more to boot. But I bet you’ve been scratching your head trying to guess the answers…

We are pleased to reveal the answers to our BBC inspired game #OrigoConnect are as follows:


So, why did we think this would be the way to challenge you? Apart from getting a little “inside the box” thinking, we thought it would be fun too. But there is a reason for the “connections” theme for our game…

Being able to rely on well-managed, accurate and up-to-date client information is crucial. The problem is; some information is held here (e.g. with platform) and some is held there (e.g. with adviser back-office). Getting systems to talk to each other in a secure environment means that ultimately clients are better enabled to access their information and engage with you. The trouble is, obtaining and maintaining that elusive, efficient movement of data can often look, and feel like you’re trying to solve a rather odd puzzle. When in fact, finding and sustaining those connections makes everything easier for every party. Advisers, paraplanners and clients will all benefit from less rekeying, less paperwork and a more consistent flow of data between systems helping to deliver better customer outcomes. What’s not to like?

But it’s not always that straight-forward. We understand that system integration can quickly get complicated and costly, but it’s vitally important that you do make those connections without it costing the earth in time, money or resources. Barriers will always be there but perhaps there is a better way to maintain your integrations and, at the same time, increase your market reach without having to pay the ‘earthly rate’ for each and every integration.

Connectivity is bringing our industry to life and our technological society craves it, thrives on it even. So, we’ve been looking at ways to help organisations connect - quicker and more cost effectively than ever before. 

 There is another way.

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