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Origo has demonstrated a successful LIVE feed for a pensions dashboard, to a group of industry representatives

Pensions Dashboard

Origo demostrates LIVE Pensions Dashboard feed

Origo has demonstrated a successful LIVE feed for a pensions dashboard, to a group of industry representatives including large pension providers, third-party administrators and other industry and government bodies.
Paul Pettitt

The collaborative work Origo has been undertaking with the industry and through the Pension Finder Alpha Project since last summer has led it to deliver the demonstration of the live feed ahead of schedule.

At the click of a button, Origo was able to demonstrate a ‘FIND PENSION’ request, which included valuation data for the matching record, and which used the internet with a pension provider to return the pension contract details.

Origo has built its technology to work regardless of whether dashboard requests originate from single or multiple dashboard front-ends, and re-uses the industry’s investment in Origo Contract Enquiry to deliver valuations data, whilst also providing an open standards alternative if required.

Paul Pettitt, Managing Director of Origo, says: “As the demonstration has proven, technology is not an issue in delivering the Pensions Dashboard.

“Working alongside a coalition of the willing, we have been able to demonstrate that the underlying engine, which is needed to request and feed data from many sources to one or more dashboards, now exists.

“As soon as the governance and identity verification process is decided, we believe Dashboard can be quickly brought to market from a technology perspective.

“Origo was tasked by the industry to develop the engine that will sit between the dashboard and the pension providers. It enables the secure, efficient and cost effective flow of data, including pension valuations, which is critical in making dashboard meaningful for the consumer.

“There is a strong will within the pensions industry to deliver a pensions dashboard. Origo is using its experience and expertise to help realise this within the 2019 timescale. Origo is working with a broad cross-section of the pension industry to develop the messaging standards and technology that will make it happen.”

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