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Origo explains inner workings for Pensions Dashboards at PMI Administration Summit (20th March, London)

At the PMI’s Administration Summit in London today, Michael Roe, Origo’s Development Manager, explained some of the technological inner workings of the data retrieval systems involved in a Pensions Dashboard in an effort to help further engage providers and administrators in their preparations for the advancement of Dashboards.
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As a development partner selected by the project group, Origo is responsible for the development of a Pension Finder Service within the first prototype. To help explain how the service could enable consumers to find their pensions, Michael presented to the audience how the various ‘behind the scenes’ components will work together to enable a working, responsive and secure Dashboard.

Explaining how consumers can find and be matched to policies via the Pension Finder Service, Michael also described how third-party integration services can assist providers and administrators in transforming their legacy data into open standard formats that are required of Dashboards.

As the cross-industry ABI-managed project heads into the final stages of the prototype phase, the Pension Finder Service development is well-advanced. However there are other key challenges around inclusion of State Pension data, Governance & Commercials, Consumer Digital ID and of course readiness of providers and administrators.

Paul Pettitt, Origo’s MD says: “We are highly encouraged by the work done to get the Pensions Dashboard prototype to this stage and Michael’s presentation is part of bringing interested parties up-to-date on our work to develop a Pension Finder Service. As the Pensions Dashboard project moves from prototype to reality there are other challenges ahead for the project and Origo will do all it can to help the industry deliver what is needed to ensure a positive outcome for the consumer.”

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