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Paul Pettitt comments on the launch of creating a Pensions Dashboards

Commenting on the launch of the Creating a Pensions Dashboard: Pensions Finder Alpha White Paper, Paul Pettitt, Managing Director of Origo, says:
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“Trust and credibility are key to ensuring consumer engagement with the Pensions Dashboard and so ultimately their future retirement planning. The announcement of the Pensions Dashboard governance function is very welcome. This will enable coordinated cross-industry decision-making and collaborative working ensuring risks and costs are kept to a minimum."

“As part of our role within the Alpha project leading the architecture and Standards workstream, Origo will continue to leverage its long-standing experience of working collaboratively. As a not-for-profit industry body, having the unique ability to bring together different organisations to solve common industry problems has been in our blood for over a quarter of a century.”

Speaking at the launch event in London today’, Origo’s Development Manager Michael Roe added: “Origo fully supports the findings of the Pensions Finder Alpha Project.  The foundations are (1) a strong, cross-industry governance model that can deliver a dashboard by 2019 and (2) a dashboard architecture that is designed primarily with the consumer in mind, which pension companies can integrate with in a manner that is as simple, cost-effective and secure as possible.”

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