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Press Release20 Aug 2018
Fintech Origo has joined Scottish Financial Enterprise, as the company continues to expand its development of technology solutions for financial services companies across the UK
Integration Hub Keys
Press Release13 Aug 2018
FinTech Origo has launched a Transfer Tracking service, which will monitor the progress of pension, GIA and ISA transfers
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Press Release08 Aug 2018
Anthony Rafferty, Managing Director of Origo, comments on the Pensions Dashboard petition launched by 38degrees reaching 100,000 signatures, which means it must be considered for debate in Parliament.
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Press Release17 Jul 2018
Following todays’ speculation on whether Pension Dashboard would be scrapped, Michael Roe, Development Director Origo, comments:
Blog12 Jul 2018
With help from our friends at Platforum, we conducted research with seven platforms to understand the process of developing and maintaining integration links with the likes of digital tools and back-office systems suppliers.
Title of White Paper | A Connected World: the future of platform integrations
Press Release05 Jul 2018
Advisers looking to increase their use of technology say the greatest obstacle to using the automated and digital solutions they need or would like to use in the advice process, is the lack of integration between back-office systems, platforms and di
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Press Release03 Jul 2018
Origo MD comments on framework outlined in the TRIG Progress Update
Origo news
Blog27 Jun 2018
Do you remember the song? The video?
Press Release12 Jun 2018
Pensions Dashboard: Origo successfully tests for 15 million consumers
Blog05 Jun 2018
How to bring the pension industry on board with the Pensions Dashboard
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