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Press Release12 Jun 2018
Pensions Dashboard: Origo successfully tests for 15 million consumers
Blog05 Jun 2018
How to bring the pension industry on board with the Pensions Dashboard
Blog16 May 2018
GDPR and the problem with emails.
Origo news
Press Release15 May 2018
The UK has the opportunity to implement a world-leading Pensions Dashboard architecture that will enable consumers to access all of their pensions data and at the same time control who can get access to this data.
33% Increase Unipass 720x298
Press Release03 May 2018
Origo’s Unipass Securemail sees a 33% increase in registrations as advisers prepare for GDPR
15Million+ Get Ready
Press Release18 Apr 2018
Origo, the industry’s not-for-profit FinTech company, has calculated the potential userbase for the Pensions Dashboard could be in excess of 15 million consumers.
Origo news
Press Release27 Feb 2018
Edinburgh-based FinTech company Origo received specific mention in the keynote speech of Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, at the ABI Annual Conference earlier today.
Origo news
Press Release11 Jan 2018
Year-on-year data reveals the volume and value of pension transfers have increased, with almost £31bn...
Origo news image
Blog21 Dec 2017
It’s that time where we all start to reflect on the year that has passed and look forward to the year that is to come
Options Transfers - Thunderbolt
Press Release14 Dec 2017
Industry needs Automated Pensions Re-registration to deliver better customer outcomes
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