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News28 May 2020
Operating in this unprecedented period has been about going beyond maintaining Origo’s systems and services, says Managing Director Anthony Rafferty
Press Release27 May 2020
Advance by Embark has gone live on the Origo Integration Hub, which now has 22 companies able to exchange data through one central system with any other company on the Hub.
Origo Transfer Service
Press Release22 Apr 2020
Overall average transfer times have improved over the year from point of request to transaction, taking on average 8.8 days to complete, and for simpler transfers, 7 days.
Origo news
Press Release08 Apr 2020
We’re pleased to see that the DWP's candidate architecture for the Pensions Dashboards, in particular the Pension Finder Service, is to be taken forward by MaPs.
Origo news
Blog03 Apr 2020
As well as the challenges already being faced by the country and our industry, there is clear evidence that cybercriminals are taking advantage of the C-19 virus
Origo news
Press Release27 Mar 2020
Origo, and Beyond Encryption,have made the full version of their Unipass Mailock secure email service free to all users of Origo Unipass within financial advice firms for two months to help protect the communications to clients.
Blog25 Mar 2020
In this article, I want to focus on a key issue, the delivery of data to the Dashboards and the challenges that poses.
Origo's International Women's Day 2020
Blog13 Mar 2020
“We can’t change the past, we can only change the future” These were the words spoken by Noel Butwell, Chief Executive of Standard Life Savings, at the Women in Pensions event organised by NextWealth and hosted by Standard Life on 4th March [2020].
Origo news
Blog18 Feb 2020
Origo and identity platform specialist ForgeRock recently co-hosted two events on Pension Dashboards, bringing together a number of expert speakers
Origo TRansfers Service Logo
Press Release10 Feb 2020
The Origo Transfer Service has broken through a significant barrier having transferred over £200 billion since launch of the service in 2008
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