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News19 Oct 2016
What is the future of the pensions industry, and what are the changes that will impact on trustees, scheme administrators and many more? In this programme the PLSA explore how efficient data movement helps the industry and improves member outcomes.
Origo news
Press Release20 Sep 2016
Not-for-profit FinTech company Origo says it is able to facilitate the transfer of pensions from defined benefit (DB) schemes to defined contribution (DC) schemes via its award-winning Options Transfers service.
Blog14 Sep 2016
On Wednesday 14th September, Origo demonstrated the power and ingenuity of the Data Feed Engine Proof of Concept (PoC) for pensions dashboards live on Twitter.
Origo news
News30 Aug 2016
Origo has launched its Integration Hub to enable platforms and adviser software suppliers to quickly link to each other via one central hub.
Paul Pettitt
Press Release21 Jul 2016
Origo has demonstrated a successful LIVE feed for a pensions dashboard, to a group of industry representatives including large pension providers, third-party administrators and other industry and government bodies.
Origo news
News04 Jul 2016
Pensions dashboard - full steam ahead
Origo news
Press Release21 Jun 2016
What’s needed if the market is to meet the Government’s 2019 deadline on delivering Pensions Dashboard? Technology is not an issue
Origo news
Press Release08 Jun 2016
Origo has signed another seven SIPP providers to the Options Transfers service in the space of four months.
Origo News
News27 May 2016
Commenting on the launch of the Creating a Pensions Dashboard: Pensions Finder Alpha White Paper, Paul Pettitt, Managing Director of Origo, says
Paul Pettitt
Press Release05 May 2016
Difficulties in delivering a pensions dashboard by the Government’s 2019 deadline are not as great as they might seem and the industry is already making significant progress towards implementation, says Paul Pettitt, Managing Director Origo
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