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Blog17 Feb 2017
Origo has launched its Integration Hub to enable platforms and adviser software suppliers to quickly link to each other via one central hub.
Integration Hub scattered
Blog02 Feb 2017
With today’s technology getting connected is usually no problem - Bluetooth, Wifi, 4G and some. As individuals we’re spoilt for choice about the way we connect, how we connect, who we connect with and how much we share through those connections.
Options Transfers - Savvy
Blog09 Nov 2016
The level of demand from consumers to transfer from DB to DC is increasing and this trend looks to continue
Blog14 Sep 2016
On Wednesday 14th September, Origo demonstrated the power and ingenuity of the Data Feed Engine Proof of Concept (PoC) for pensions dashboards live on Twitter.
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Blog02 Mar 2016
Pension Dashboards, if done right, could help to transform the pensions industry.
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Blog04 Nov 2015
Wow. Where do I start? What a month it has been. Conference season is in full swing, we’ve recently had NAPF
Options Transfers - Whoosh
Blog29 Sep 2015
Origo Options Transfers service – a positive force within the financial services industry
Origo news
Blog16 Sep 2015
There is a government spotlight turned on pensions providers at the moment, focused on the member experience, leading in turn to pension provider systems and processes coming under greater scrutiny.
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