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Press Release21 Jun 2016
What’s needed if the market is to meet the Government’s 2019 deadline on delivering Pensions Dashboard? Technology is not an issue
Origo News
News27 May 2016
Commenting on the launch of the Creating a Pensions Dashboard: Pensions Finder Alpha White Paper, Paul Pettitt, Managing Director of Origo, says
Paul Pettitt
Press Release05 May 2016
Difficulties in delivering a pensions dashboard by the Government’s 2019 deadline are not as great as they might seem and the industry is already making significant progress towards implementation, says Paul Pettitt, Managing Director Origo
Making collaboration easy
Press Release03 Mar 2016
Having the ability for people to see all their pensions, including the State pension, in one place online could be a major step forward.
Origo news
Blog04 Nov 2015
Wow. Where do I start? What a month it has been. Conference season is in full swing, we’ve recently had NAPF
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