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Pensions Dashboard petition reaches over 100,000 signatures

Anthony Rafferty, Managing Director of Origo, comments on the Pensions Dashboard petition launched by 38degrees reaching 100,000 signatures, which means it must be considered for debate in Parliament.
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“The petition launched by 38degrees in response to media reports that the Pensions Dashboard might not go ahead has reached 100,000 signatures, showing the depth of feeling and the support that the initiative has in the country. The benefits of the Pensions Dashboard are easily seen and have clearly struck a chord with people.

“We at Origo have been passionate supporters of the Pensions Dashboard since the initiative was launched, believing it is essential to help individuals engage with their retirement planning in the new pensions environment which was ushered in with the pensions freedoms.

“As more people become pension holders through auto enrolment, and as they move through their careers, potentially having in excess of 11 employers during their working lives, there is a greater need for a means for people to keep track of all their pensions in one place.

“As the industry’s FinTech, we have been both committed to and heavily involved in working on the technology to make the Dashboard a reality. We recently tested the technology we have developed to 15 million users. That is ready to be implemented to one or more consumer-facing dashboards and to provide delegated authority so individuals can consent to allow their financial planner access to their information.

“We believe the Pension Dashboard is a superb opportunity for Government and the industry to provide a simple way for UK pension holders in the country to track their pensions, understand their value and what that means for their future and where appropriate to act on their data in their best interests.

“The DWP Feasibility Study into the Pension Dashboard is expected to be published later this year which we hope will reflect the strong support the initiative has both within and the industry and with consumers.”

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