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Origo launches new Transfer Tracking service

FinTech Origo has launched a Transfer Tracking service, which will monitor the progress of pension, GIA and ISA transfers, enabling financial advisers to see the exact progress of their clients’ transfers online.

Integration Hub Keys

Transfer Tracking is a new service from Origo’s Integration Hub and provides real-time data directly to a platform or provider’s adviser portal. The data is provided by Origo’s Options Transfers service which is used by over 100 financial services brands.

The service delivers 5 key benefits for providers/platforms: 

1. Significant reduction in the volume of calls chasing progress on transfers

2. Reduced costs for handling queries from both advisers and clients.

3. Improved customer service for advisers and their clients.

4. Easy integration with adviser platforms, consumer extranets, call centre applications etc.

5. Accurate and timely Transfer Management Information.

The service is configurable so the platform can tailor the data content and the frequency of the service to suit their requirements.

Anthony Rafferty, Managing Director, Origo, says: “Our Transfer Tracking service was designed to benefit platforms and advisers. One of the challenges advisory firms face in getting their job done is not knowing where a transfer might be in the process from one provider or platform to another. Often that means getting on the phone to try to find out. In the meantime advisers have to manage their client expectations.

“Our new service enables providers and platforms to deliver the data in real-time online, doing away with the need for phone calls to keep advisers up-to-date on transfer progress. This means they are not only able to deliver a better service to their adviser customers but to significantly reduce the time and money they spend in dealing with phone calls, thereby freeing up resources which can be used elsewhere in the business. 

“Likewise, not only will advisory firms see a reduction in the amount of time their advisers, paraplanners and administrators spend chasing progress reports but they will be able to better manage their workloads as well as provide more accurate reports to clients, thereby helping to manage their expectations.”  

More about Origo’s Integration Hub

Origo’s Integration Hub is a means for platforms and adviser back-office and software suppliers to integrate once, with the hub, and then connect with any other user of the service. It does away with the need for companies to individually link with one another, through point-to-point integration. This makes for faster, easier, cheaper and more sustainable connectivity and benefits advisers by enabling their providers, platforms and systems of choice to connect with one another via the Hub. Currently, the Hub supports account opening, remuneration, valuations and now transfer tracking. Further developments are in the pipeline. 

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