A technology reference and information

centre for financial advisers.


Adviserwise is a key reference and information centre designed to help inform and advise financial advisers about the technology available to them. Adviserwise provides links to key industry services that enables advisers to process business more efficiently, adding value to their offering, and so ultimately their clients.

Unipass Identity - Forget Passwords

Unipass Identity

Having one secure online identity helps to remove the risk of online fraud and theft. It also makes it easier for you to log on to multiple financial services websites without having to remember multiple passwords.

Unipass Securemail

Unipass Securemail

We use best in class technology to protect and secure the contents of your communications. This ensures that only the intended recipient can read the email, and view any attachments that you send.

New way old way

Agency Services

Origo's two vital Agency Services make life easier for both advisers and providers. Agency Registration and Agency Administration enables advisers to complete essential processes - such as Terms of Business - quickly, simply, securely and cost effectively

Agency Registration:

Enables advisers to set up (or, to establish) Terms of Business with multiple providers in one go.

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Agency Administration:

For advisers it makes perfect business sense to join Agency Services - your relationship with providers becomes easier to manage and you will save time.

Go to Agency Administration >

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