A Disconnected World The Advisers Reality             

A Disconnected World: The Adviser's Reality

Are we as connected as we think we are? 

Join us as we deep dive into adviser integration and connectivity.

Working with the lang cat, we at Origo, have been conducting research on a topic close to our hearts.
Our new White Paper takes this research and provides a unique insight into the inner workings and systems of adviser firms looking at how integrated systems are, or aren't.

White Paper will be available for download from 3pm on 24th September

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The collaboration - Meow-rrying two worlds

When two different things come together anything could happen - magic, mischief or even mayhem?
We can confirm our collaboration was (approximately) 90% magic, 9% mischief and less than 1% mayhem. The lang cat brought their research prowess and knowledge of the adviser/client process to the table; while we brought our knowledge and expertise on systems integration to the mix. 

This unique and one-off collaboration has produced a truly unique and insightful White Paper that we can't get enough of. We hope you enjoy reading it too. 

White Paper will be available for download from 3pm on 24th September

“In each firm we analysed, we spent significant time looking at processes and being amazed by how much productivity gain there would be if systems did talk.”

Mark Polson, Principal of The Lang Cat

Mark Polson, Principal, the lang cat

More about the paper

A Disconnected World: The Adviser’s Reality provides a unique insight into the workings and systems of adviser firms typical across 90% of the UK market.

Bringing together in-depth research, as well as large quantitative studies, this paper paints a vivid picture of all the different systems and data that are keyed, accessed, re-keyed and presented by advice firms.

The limitless range of technology and how it all connects – or doesn’t – will make for fascinating reading and prove very informative for future technology projects.

The conversation has just begun   

If you have a question about our research, maybe you whole heatedly agree with our White Paper or (dare we say it) maybe you disagree with it, please tell us your thoughts.

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