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Options Transfers

Are you looking for faster, bigger, better transfers? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Options Transfers is the market leading and most complete transfers service in our industry. Reducing transfer times to a handful of days, and in some cases minutes, Options Transfers has been successfully operating since 2008 and is now trusted by over 100 market leading brands.       

Options Transfers Genuis

Cash and integration

So you want your transfers to go even faster? Remove rekeying you say? And, eliminate even more paper work? Is it magic? Nope. It's just what happens when you integrate Options Transfers with your BOS.

Options Transfers Immense

Workplace and schemes

Large or small, master trust or member-initiated, any and all DC transfers can be moved and managed by the Options Transfers service. A market-ready, member loving mean machine.

Options Transfers Whoosh

Re-registration and SIPPs

Options enables organisations to transfer a range of assets. Simplifying re-registration and improving SIPP transfers, all while reducing risks and costs throughout the entire transfer process.

You're in good company

Covering a range of products and processes, including re-registration of assets and bulk transfers, it's no surprise that over 60 organisations trust our Options service to get the job done. You can view a full list of the customers using Options here >

These 60+ organisations actually represent over 100 brands - amazing - and you can view the full list of brands using the service here > 

Is Options Transfers right for your organisation?

If you currently process transfers for pensions and other investments, whether it's in cash or in-specie and you want an easy-to-use, simple to set up, cost effective solution - then it’s a no brainer. Ultimately, Options offers you everything you need for your transfers process, all bundled up in one neat package. It enables smoother communications between organisations by providing each transferring party with detailed contact points, real-time messaging, MI as well as the removal of paper work such as lifetime allowance forms and much more.

Too good to be true? Don’t take our word for it, see what our customers say.

"Participating in the Options Transfers service has produced real benefits for the customers of the firms involved. Industry co-operation has enabled us to release customers' retirement income faster than ever before. LV= prides itself on providing an excellent service to advisers and their clients and as such is committed to the Options Transfers service."

Philip Brown, Head of Retirement Proposition and change, LV=

Philip Brown, Head of Retirement Proposition and change, LV=        

In a nutshell, why Options Transfers?

Speed: Options is as fast as you like. The system has conducted transfers in 45 minutes and has a long-standing average transfer time of 8 calendar days - making it a record breaking, target making, mean machine of a system.

Collaboration: Being industry-owned, we are naturally collaborative. We work and engage with every organisation who joins the service to continue to develop, build and grow the service to meet the needs of the many who use our service.

Efficiency: We know each organisation is different so we know we need to be available, responsive and proactive to industry and organisational needs as well as reactive to ensure our service stays at the top of its game.

Choice: Options Transfers gives you choices. You can use it as a standalone service, you can integrate it so you can speed your transfers times even further. You can do cash transfers or you can mix it up add some re-registration to your offering, perhaps throw in some bulk transfers. The choice is yours!

Fairness: As a not-for-profit industry body, we believe in fair pricing, fair timescales and fair feedback. We want to hear from you, what works, what could be better and then we want to make it happen. Our charging structure is fair and we don’t line anyone’s pockets, all our costs are reinvested in to building a better service for you.

Details, details, details

How does it work? Who can use the service? How many other organisations can I transfer with? These are probably just some of the questions you’re thinking of right now. So we’ve put together a quick fact sheet to help you understand the ins and outs of our Options Transfers service.

Facts and stats this way >


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