Pensions Dashboard to Open Pensions

Q&A with our experts 

Origo has closely analysed the Open Banking approach throughout the 3 years of work on the Pensions Dashboard. 

Within this Q&A paper, we outline our thoughts given the recent industry debate.

This answers some important questions concerning Open Banking, Open Pensions and Pensions Dashboard and presents the views of experts from our Pensions Dashboard team.

You can download your copy of Pensions Dashboard to Open Pensions - Q&A with our experts from this link

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The UK Pensions Dashboard initiative is one of enormous ambition and has a real social purpose. We really do need to get the architecture right and make sure it is fit for purpose.
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"Pensions Dashboard architecture will enable the industry to deliver Open Pensions.

Pensions Dashboard IS Open Pensions”

Anthony Rafferty, Managing Director, Origo