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Data movement is the blood flow of our industry. Without effective standard data movement any and all technological advances just wouldn't be possible. Our Open Standards have enabled that effective movement of data between financial organisations for over 25 years. Our Standards are managed by Criterion and are used across the industry by adviser software suppliers, quote engines, platforms, providers and many more.

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Say ‘hello’ to FIT, our Flexible Integration Toolkit as it’s also known. FIT helps to reduce rekeying with a spot of pre-pop and re-population of data.

What do our Open Standards actually do?

Our Open Standards offer the industry a way to simply and securely integrate with each other, cost effectively. By using our Standards to integrate you’ll find it easier and quicker to set up links with third parties and trading partners. Resource effort and the investment required on all sides is quickly reduced as everyone knows the build pattern they’re working to. The data models defined within our Standards have also shown to improve data quality, capturing exactly what is needed for all parties in a common format. The Open Standards Library, managed by Criterion, covers a vast range of business processes and procedures enabling you to save valuable time on a variety of projects.

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"Royal London has supported Origo's Auto-Enrolment (AE) Standards from day one. It provides a great way to exchange the data that drives AE processes, helping employers meet their AE obligations quickly and simply. Origo's AE Standards provide a solid foundation for a range of AE activities that all parties can rely on."

Keith MacPherson

Keith MacPherson, Head of Marketing Services, Royal London Intermediary

Ever evolving

As the industry changes, so do our Open Standards. New Standards are continuously developed to address new industry requirements and these developments. As well as developing and enhancing our suite of Standards we also aim to update, adapt and maintain existing ones to ensure they continue to meet industry, regulatory and business processing requirements. All the maintenance and advancements of Origo Standards are now managed the independent, standards and governance team Criterion. 

Maintaining our Standards is just as vital as the initial creation. Regular group meetings are organised and run where those invested in our Standards can meet, discuss and explore the issues, challenges and opportunities in greater detail. Running regular meetings gives everyone the chance to ensure that any updates, developments or changes being made are absolutely right, meeting the needs of the whole industry.

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