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Unipass Letter of Authority

A one stop shop for Letters of Authority. Discover a flexible, secure, slick approach with Unipass Letter of Authority. 

Unipass Letter of Authority (ULoA) is a new solution to solve the laborious Letter of Authority (LoA) process. With ULoA, advisers and providers can serve their clients in a faster and more secure way. 

We are offering the service to advisers, providers and platforms for free until the end of 2021.  

With ULoA, providers can spend less time dealing with different LoA request formats and advisers can spend more time focusing on giving their new clients a better start to the financial advice process. 

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Join the Letter of Authority revolution! Register and be one of the first to submit an LoA via Unipass Letter of Authority.

ULoA is a brand new service which is in live beta stage of production. This whole-of-market solution can be used to produce LoAs for any provider with our industry approved, standardised LoA template. These LoAs can be sent to providers using a secure email solution e.g. Unipass Mailock or by post.

We’re delighted that LV= are signed up to receive pension LoAs digitally, through ULoA, and we are currently working to onboard all major providers. As more providers join the service, you’ll notice more and more of your requests being delivered instantly.

It takes two to tango: we’ve listened to the industry and built this service to revolutionise LoAs – now it is up to advisers and providers to register and start using ULoA. Show your support for this brand-new service. 

Together we can change the landscape of LoAs forever. 

Our video explains why we decided to build the service in the first place and how it will benefit the entire financial services community. 

Already a Unipass Letter of Authority user:


“The ULoA service really helps standardise the request and responses data items and structure across the industry and this helps to simplify the processing for providers which should result in faster response times to requests.”


Stuart Hornblower, Liverpool Victoria (LV=)

If you are an adviser, or work for an adviser firm, you can download our brochureware for more information on the service here.

If you work for a provider or a platform, you can download ULoA brochureware that's relevant to you here.

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