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Unipass Letter of Authority

Discover a flexible, secure, digital approach with Unipass Letter of Authority (ULoA)

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Save time and money

Save time and money

Instead of paying for post or waiting for deliveries, go digital

Save admin time by accessing and actioning your LoA through our online portal

Make your old, lengthy LoA process a thing of the past

Stay safe and secure

Stay safe and secure

Keep requests and responses confidential in our secure online portal

Alleviate data protection concerns with our GDPR compliant system

Authenticate client and adviser details digitally

keep client happy

Keep clients happy

Get quicker client outcomes

Build a stronger relationship more quickly, easily updating your client as you go

Ensure client confidentiality and peace of mind throughout

Get started with ULoA

If you / your organisation has already registered for ULoA


Is your organisation already registered to ULoA? If so, a ULoA Systems Administrator in your organisation can quickly and easily set you up as a user. 

Once they have set you up, you can

If you are unsure who your administrator is, contact

Origo Customer Services:


0871 222 9057

If your organisation isn’t yet set up, we can get the ball rolling for you

email us

“The ULoA service really helps standardise the request and responses data items and structure across the industry and this helps to simplify the processing for providers which should result in faster response times to requests.”


Stuart Hornblower, Liverpool Victoria (LV=)

How does it work?

  1. A smooth start

    Get signed approval from your client securely and digitally

  2. Make requests digitally

    Request and receive client policy details from providers through our secure online portal

  3. Handle paperwork online

    Make changes digitally and with more visibility on progress throughout the process

  4. Receive client information

    Client documents can be shared by the providers confidentially and efficiently

Download Unipass Letter of Authority Brochureware for more information on the service <link>

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