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Say 'Hello' to our award winning 

email encryption service

Unipass Mailock

Unipass Mailock enables you to quickly send and receive encrypted emails ensuring only the intended recipients can read the contents. Protecting you, your organisation and your customers.
Unipass Mailock Secure your emails on the go
30 Day free trial*

Unipass Mailock is inviting you to try our service for free for 30 days*. This way you can quickly start securing emails to clients. 

*After 30 days you will be charged the monthly subscription fee of £8.50+VAT per license, per user, per month.

Unipass Mailock - Easy to use and quick to install

Easy access on the move 
You can use Unipass Mailock in your browser, on your mobile, tablet and laptop - having access to your secure emails on the move is easy.

Did we mention Unipass Mailock is award winning...

Best in show

Unipass Mailock is tailored to 

the financial services industry
Whether you're an adviser who needs to securely email clients, or you need a secure email solution that is integrated in to your organisation and your work flow, Unipass Mailock can help.

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