Get ready: Unipass Mailock is coming...

Unipass Mailock

Unipass Mailock is almost here. Military Grade email encryption will be at your finger tips and will enable you to conduct your business more securely, without disrupting your business. 

Simple, easy to use security

Unipass Mailock desktop software is being designed by the Financial Services industry for the Financial Services industry. Designed to specifically support Advisers, Platforms, Providers and their clients. 

Finger print

Unipass Identity enabled

The new service will allow you to use your Unipass Identity to send secure, encrypted emails and attachments. Helping you to demonstrate to your customers that you take cyber security seriously.

How does Unipass Mailock help?

Using the best in class technology available from Beyond Encryption, experts in cloud and internet security, Unipass Mailock efficiently secures emails delivered to anyone with an email address. Users can safely send and receive emails knowing that the contents are encrypted so that only the intended recipient can see them.

Why use Unipass Mailock?

  • Improve security
  • Reduce administration overheads
  • Trusted by the industry
  • It's simple and easy to install


Let's get started
Find out how Unipass Mailock can help you protect your business and your customers. 
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