Simple, fast and safe email encryption that helps you to

protect your customers and your organisation.

Unipass Securemail

Unipass Securemail from Origo is a trusted encrypted email service using best in class technology. It's simple, fast and safe, and it's growing rapidly, with over 87,000 registered users.

Simple, free security

Unipass Securemail desktop software is free to financial services advisers and software suppliers and helps you communicate securely with your customers.

Finger print

Anyone can use it

You can secure communications for individuals or entire companies. You don’t need to install software – you can use just your browser. 

Sending an email unencrypted is about as private as a postcard

Anyone can read, intercept and even change the content without your knowledge. So when you think you're communicating with a customer, potentially discussing sensitive information, something unsecured just won't cut it. It's putting all parties involved at risk and there's the potential for your company to be fined up to 2% of your global turnover for not meeting data protection standards.

How does Securemail help?

Using the best in class technology (also known as Private Post) available from Trend Micro, experts in cloud and internet security, Unipass Securemail efficiently secures emails delivered to anyone with an email address. Users can safely send and receive emails knowing that the contents are encrypted so that only the intended recipient can see them.

How does it work?

Just use your internet browser e.g. Internet Explorer or Firefox, the process is simple, efficient and user friendly for both you (the sender) and the recipient.


Why use Unipass Securemail?

  • Improve security
  • Reduce administration overheads
  • Trusted by the industry
  • It's simple and easy to install
  • It's free - to individuals (IFAs, clients etc)


I'd like to start sending my email securely, where do I start?

If you're an adviser or a client you can start using Securemail today free of charge.

Apply for Unipass Securemail today > 

Let's get started
Find out how Unipass Securemail can help you protect your business and your customers. 
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