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Origo's Integration Hub
Transfer Tracking, Valuations, Account Opening and Transaction History – let our Integration Hub grow your connections and reduce your costs. For platforms and adviser back-office systems, we will take you through how it works.
Origo Transfer Service
Since launch in 2008, our Transfer Service has transferred over £150bn worth of pensions (including SIPPs and workplace pensions) and ISAs – albeit via cash or re-registration. Our Transfer Service automates the transfer process to make it smoother, faster and safer for every party involved.
Origo's Agency Services
Two vital services for advisers and platforms. Agency Registration enables multiple registrations to providers/platforms in just a few clicks. Agency Administration enables advisers to easily manage changes to existing agency arrangements such as; change of bank account, address and so on. And it’s all free to financial advisers.
Mortality Screening
Mortality Screening is a very cost-effective way to improve the accuracy of your customer data, reduce fraud and enables better management of your reserves.
Unipass Identity by Origo
Used by 8 in 10 financial advisers, Unipass Identity makes using online services easy and more secure. Unipass Identity provides one online identity that can be used with many platforms, systems and digital services – on any device – and its free for advisers.
Unipass Mailock
Protect you, your organisation and your customers with Unipass Mailock.
A one stop shop for Letters of Authority. Discover a flexible, secure, slick approach with Unipass Letter of Authority (ULoA). With ULoA, providers can spend less time dealing with different LoA request formats and advisers can spend more time focusing on giving their new clients a better start to the financial advice process.

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