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Our 8 unique services are all designed specifically for the financial services industry.
Origo's Open Standards enables the industry to simply and securely integrate with each other quickly, reducing the required costs and resource needed to set up and maintain integration points.
Options Transfers
Introducing the industry’s only complete transfers service. Cash, pension and asset re-registration, bulk schemes transfers and more.
Integration Hub
Unlock the potential of integration. Link with our Integration Hub and unlock links with everyone on the service.
Get ready for Pensions Dashboards
Taking the next steps with pensions dashboards – helping the industry to deliver better customer outcomes.
Data Matching
Data Matching is a very cost effective way to improve the accuracy of your customer data, reduce fraud and enables better management of your reserves.
Agency Services
Agency registration and Agency Administration make processes smoother and simpler for both advisers and providers.
Unipass Identity
One identity that can be used with multiple organisations - on any device. Simple, secure and free for individuals and advisers.
Unipass Securemail
The industry’s trusted email encryption service. Simple, fast and safe with best in class technology securing every email.
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